Tool Store in Irvington, KY

Sinking Creek Lumber aims to be the one-stop tool store and lumber yard for all your lumber, construction, and hardware needs. We are very proud of the massive inventory in our store, especially our selection of Milwaukee tools, but we are most proud of the quality service you will get from us when you come to us for business.

Having been in the business for decades, we fully understand that construction projects need a whole variety of materials and tools. That’s why we’re happy to note that we’re also a tool store. We told you we’re your one-stop shop!

Quality Inventory of Tools & Hardware

Sinking Creek Lumber gives you the guarantee that each and every item in our inventory is a quality product. From insulation materials to specialty windows, doors, paints, cabinets, fencing, and so much more, you can look forward to having tools and hardware that are top quality.

Apart from lumber and hardware, we also carry power tools, plumbing items, electrical items, hunting products, seeds, tree stands, and even minerals. We want you to be as efficient as possible in your shopping so you can get to where you need to be the most as soon as possible, and that is with your construction project.

Don’t feel intimidated by the wide variety of tools and hardware we have in our shop. We’ll be right there with you to go through the items you need in our list, so we can guide you to each and every one of them.

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions about the varieties of tools, or even specific functions of an item, don’t worry! We’re all experienced and knowledgeable in this area, so you can trust that we’ll have the answer for you as accurately as possible.

We’d love for nothing more than to help our customers find the items they need, so don’t hesitate to raise your questions to us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

We are Looking to Serve You!

Sinking Creek Lumber holds a wide array of hardware tools, lumber, and construction materials. We have been serving the area of Irvington, KY since 2006, and we’re looking to serve you for many more years to come!

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