Lumber Yard in Irvington, KY

Sinking Creek Lumber is the local lumber and construction store you can trust in Irvington, KY! We carry a wide selection of lumber, construction materials, tools and hardware, and so much more.

Being a one-stop shop for all your lumber and construction needs, it is very important for us to make sure that we’re carrying only quality materials. But of course! These will go into the creation and building of your home, your business, your furniture, or other building and construction projects.

We don’t just treat our inventory as individual items; we picture them as puzzle pieces to a larger whole, which helps us see how important they are in the overall scheme of things. That’s why each and every item in our store needs to be of good quality.

Quality Lumber Store Products and Service

We have a massive inventory of building materials. As your premier local lumber store, you can find all sorts of lumber in our line-up, whether treated or otherwise. Hardwood, softwood, plywood, or MDF — name it, and we’ll have it ready for you.

If you are walking through our doors for the first time, with no clue what you need, don’t worry, we’ll help you! Thanks to our decades of experience in the business, you can count on us to share our knowledge on the items that you need.

Not only will we tell you about the quality of the products, but we can also give you advice as to which one will go best with a particular type of work or project. Of course, you’re free to take it or not — that’s ultimately your choice, but we’ll be more than happy to give you the guidance as needed, anyway.

The Right Piece to Your Construction Puzzle

Feel free to drop by and explore our lumber yard so you can take a closer look at the building materials available. We know, the process can get really overwhelming fast, especially if you’re not quite used to doing lumber or construction supplies shopping.

But that’s why we’re here for you along the way. Let us know what you need to do, what type of material you’re looking for, and if you have budget limitations set, and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through it all.

You may also call us in advance to confirm if we have the material you need available in our inventory if you don’t have the time to drop by personally in the meantime!

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